Deposit Only 2021 Forbidden Dreadnought Frameset PRE-ORDER ITEM

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Like a lot of bikes this year the Dreadnought is very low on stock - the next delivery to arrive in the UK will hopefully be around May (subject to slipping!). 

The best way to get your hands on one is to place a pre-order. We take a small transferable deposit to secure your frame or bike, with the rest to be paid when it's here to ship. 
This item is for the deposit only, please see the full item for pricing. Any questions give us a call. 

Throughout history many ships have borne the name Dreadnought, most notably the 1906 HMS Dreadnought that revolutionised naval technology. It's groundbreaking design rendered al that came before it obsolete and spawned a whole new class of battleship, the Dreadnought Class. This new "all-big-gun" design became synonymous with name Dreadnought.

The Druid has proven to be a groundbreaking trail bike, blurring the lines between that of a traditional trail bike and the enduro segment. With Dreadnought we wanted to take that concept and push it further. We developed a bike that can pedal up any climb with the enduro crowd, yet exhibit DH bike confidence on the descents. 'Fear Nothing' is the mantra of this bike; fear no climb, fear no descent. No more excuses, no more off-days, just 100% confidence in your bike and ability.

Compared to the Druid. the Dreadnought exhibits a longer wheetbane for stability in high speed situation, yet it still delivers remarkably agile ride characteristic in low speed technical sections of trail. Where the Druid excels on all mountain terrain, the Dreadnought aims to take that one step further and to the extremes. The downhill bike inspired geometry delivers a confidence inspiring platform that invites high speed and taking on the lines that are often left to be ticked off another day. Whether you're riding all day epics, racing enduro, shuttling the local steps or stomping the bikepark the Dreadnought has you covered.