Cycle to Work & Interest Free Credit

Cycle to Work

This is a no-brainer!

If you can save up to 47% (dependent on provider / tax rate) on the purchase of a bicycle, why wouldn't you take advantage!

If your employer offers a Cycle to Work scheme the first step is to find out who their provider is.

We currently work with the schemes below.

                               (Our favourite)

If your employer doesn't currently offer Cycle to Work, contact your HR department (or equivalent) and ask them!

The one we've found is easiest to use is the Green Commute Initiative who also offer a Pay-as-you-go scheme to employers who want to initially run a pilot scheme to gauge interest.

We cannot always offer discounted bikes on any of the Cycle to Work schemes we use but contact us if you are considering it. We will review requests on a case by case basis.


Interest Free Credit

We don't work with anyone currently who can provide interest free credit to our customers.

We are in discussion with various providers, we should have something in place soon.